Thursday, 20 October 2011

The poppy crochet scarf

This is the second scarf I've been crocheting from the book crochet designs : 25 must have items to make. It's actually the scarf featured on the front cover on the book!!
This scarf was meant to be an introduction into lace work, or it would have been had I used the right yarn!! 
As it was something I was just trying out, I thought the lace type crochet, would look nice in 2ply wool, plus it would be easier to use than lace yarn,  but using the 2ply has made it resemble a cat's cradle (that string thing you would do at school) It's also what you get for not reading the instruction properly. 

On the plus side I'm getting use to this crochet malarkey. I find it quite relaxing it also makes a nice change to sewing.
Making this scarf also brought about ideas for sewing, I thought of how cute it could look if it was made in to a collar and attached to a dress. (in a different colour obviously hehe!)

This is how I would normally wear the scarf, and although I used the wrong wool I think it turned in too a happy mistake, but I can't help but thing it would look nice in green to look like ivy, or if done in sparkly green and it would resemble holly -quite nice for dare is say it (Christmas)!!

 Because the scarf is only around three inches wide I've also thought of wearing it as more of a snood, I think it could look more funky worn this way.

What do you think? have you ever had something turn out not quite right or used the wrong material but it came good in the end?


  1. This is lovely and I like how despite not being what you quite wanted initially, you love it anyway! Did you teach yourself to crochet or have you been taught? I'm learning to knit at the moment. I'm loving it, but can't imagine a time when I'll be good enough to make stuff...hehe!

  2. Thank you Marie, I'm self taught at crochet and still very new to it, so far I can only make scarfs hehe.
    I'm teaching myself to knit too but I'm finding it much harder than crochet, I'm persevering with it though so hopefully I'll get there one day!!


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