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20th century fashion.

Last year I bought this lovely fashion diary by Taschen. I came across it by chance which was wired really because I needed it for collage and I was doing a fashion course at the time so it was quite apt that I came across this little gem.

What's nice about it is that every other page has an Image or advert on it from sometime in the 20th century so I thought I'd do a series of  posts showing these images.

This is January's 2010 set of Images:

                                            YSL 1996
                                           Jantzen 1947

                                           Interwoven socks 1929

                                           Tempos 1973

                                         Boston Garter 1911

The YSL one is my favourite out of these. I think the Jantzen one looks like it came straight from a Roy Lichtenstein painting and the shoes are peculiar in the way the trouser legs are the same colour as the shoes.
  You can also see the difference in the adverts, the Boston garters and interwoven socks have so much more detail than the more recent ones.

Which one do you like? Don't forget to leave me your thoughts and comments :)

                                                                    Thanks for looking x


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