Monday, 18 May 2015

MMM15 - Half way through.....

May is flying by and and we're already half way through Me-Made-May! For me it's going well so far. Week two was iffy as I only wore one me-made outfit. I do wish the weather would be a bit kinder though, so I can crack out my shorts. Fingers crossed for the second half.

  I love my leggings, they are my most worn item outside of Mmm. The coat always makes me feel super stylish but something I need to wear more.
Surprisingly I enjoyed wearing the draped waist coat much more than I thought. The drape stayed in place and felt like it was maximum effort, minimum fuss kind-of outfit. The top (last picture) I normally pair with leggings but I decided to try it tucked in for a change.

 I've also changed my hair. I've gone back blonde. I am naturally blonde/fair but it's this colour is taking a bit of getting use to as I've spent the last 7/8 years being dark, but it was time for a change!

Friday, 8 May 2015

Wiggle Illustration

I've taken my inspiration from Illustration Friday's theme of wiggle.
I'm also learning the difference between design drawing/sketching (showing the clothes, silhouette details, colours print and embellishment)  and fashion illustration which is more to do with art and evoking the feeling or mood of the garment/collection. Which is what I've tried to achieve. I hope it conjures up feelings of fun and wiggly-ness.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Inspiration Wednesday

Sleeves are one of the most overlooked areas for me, yet there are so many options to make them more interesting.

Inspiration taken from my pintrest board 'Garment Details' . Don't forget you can pin them to your own board by hovering over the image a looking for the little 'P' that appears in the top left hand corner. 

Friday, 1 May 2015

Draped Waistcoat

There's not much to say about this project, other than it's a self-drafted pattern. The fabric I received as a freebie (a lady downsizing her stash). It was crying out to be some sort of scarf design and thus the drape waistcoat was born.

I didn't toile the pattern as it was simple enough (princess seams in the front, darts at the back) but I assumed the waist coat would fall longer than it did. An extra 3 inches would have been nice. Whoops so much for measure twice, cut once.

Due to the fabric being fluid I added lining. This was a last minute feature but with the waistcoat not being as long as I thought, it tends to peak out at the back.

Speaking of back, I feel it doesn't lie as flat as it should. I don't know if it's the darts or the fabric, but it feels like it juts out when I walk around?!

I under stitched the lining on the front to keep it in place, but I think it would benefit from being top stitched, but I'll just see how that goes for now. Although had I lined it using black it wouldn't bother me so much. It just peaks out a touch on the one side, from time to time.

The beauty of this waistcoat is I can wear the scarf draped over my shoulder or gather it up and wear it like proper scarf. Two looks in one Bonus!!

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