Monday, 25 August 2014

Shirt Patterns For Men...

I've come to the conclusion there is a gap in the market for vertically challenged men (i.e my Boyfriend). Trousers are rarely the problem (they usually come in short lentghs) it's the other things like shirts, jumpers and jackets that are too long in the arms/body.
With women's wear you come across petite sections, as for men I don't think they exist, or am I just missing something. There are plenty of short guys out there, so I reckon places like Burton, Topshop, H&M, Asos all need to stand up, take note and do somthing about it!!! Oi Oi, c'mon pull your socks up. (sorry, rant over!!)

In  the mean time I guess I should be selfless and make my man something?!
We've discussed this and well, truth be told he's nagged me to make him a suit for the last five years!! But That, Is, Not, Going, To, Happen! So we've settled on a shirt!
He always looks the most awkward in shirts as in the formal variety; sleeves too long, body too long and collar never looks proportionate although this could be a flaw on his part, maybe he just has a short neck. so the idea is to buy a pattern and proportionate to him.

Here's the short list of patterns I've chosen ( he's not got any fashion sense) .........

 Click on images for source

Point proven when showing him theses patterns, "they're all ok, any of them will do"
So any advise or tips on sewing men's shirts? Or any other shirt patterns you would recommend for him?
He's got a little while longer before I make him chooses one.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

What's Occurring....

My creativity along with blogging has a been sporadic as of late.There's no real reason, than that's just life really.
It's set to continue too as we're off on our holibobs today!! It's been two and half years since we last went together and 3 years since we had a summer holiday, so we're both looking forward to having some time away and a change of scenery. I've packed some me made clothes, including the mad men challenge dress and it's counter part wiggle skirt.
I nearly packed this little number too, until I tried it on and realised how badly made it is, but I do love this dress so I've stuck it on the alterations
pile to try and rescue it.

In other sewing news: I've been playing around with draping (see images above) nothing major just pining fabric and seeing how it looks, before basting the fabric in place and machine stitching it.

peacock feather fabric
I've got a second version of undies on the go using thicker jersey fabric in black which has a velour lipstick print in fuchsia pink all over it. I've also toiled another burda pattern. This is all set to go with just some minor adjustments to the pattern before I cut it out in peacock feather embroidered fabric. Then there's another pair of these self drafted shorts ready to be sewn using fabric that I salvaged from a charity shop buy and that's about it....... Ooo I did get round to finishing my bombshell dress (yesss!!)  but as of yet no photo's (booo!!)  :(

There will be a few scheduled post going up over the next few weeks whilst I'm away and hopefully I'll return full of enthusiasm and zest and finish off the clothes I've started before summer is truly out!

Whats on your sewing table? 

Monday, 4 August 2014

Tip: Unpicking Hems Quickly

Unpicking must be the worse thing about sewing. It takes  30 seconds to stitch a seam and 20 minutes to unpick the sucker, jeez!!!
When I came across a time saving solution it was like hitting, the jackpot especially since I do a fair amount of jeans alterations. This method isn't soulfully reserved for jeans, denim skirts and other heavy weight/ hard wearing fabric can be unpicked using the same method.

All you need is an un-picker (used briefly) and a blade, something like a razor blade or a snap off craft knife........

Using the un-picker I carefully undo a few stitches on the side seam............

The knife/blade can then be inserted into the hem  and pulling the knife away from you and on a flat surface (health and safety!!) the knife should start to slice through the stitches no problem at all....

 Voila the hem can be undone in next to no time.......

Do you have time saving tips?

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Bridal Inspired Jumpsuit Designs

Bridal jump-suit's, it's not the princess or traditional envision that a lot of brides aspire to but I like to think of it as cool alternative. Maybe I just see it as a little more .... fashiony (is that even a word)!! Maybe I should just go with unusual.

What do you think, would you be up for a jumpsuit wedding dress? Or what about wearing one as a second outfit for the the evening reception perhaps?

Friday, 18 July 2014

A Basic Guide To Sewing When You Have No Instructions...

I thought I would share some of my guidance notes from when I was learning how to sew patterns together after I'd drafted them. These aren't step by step instructions as every garment is different, just a set of notes to serve as a guide. 
The one's I've shared with you are for dress's and tops so whether your just getting into pattern drafting, lost your instructions or just finding them hard to follow I hope these guidance tips might help.

To save the guide, right click on it and 'save as'

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