Simplicity pattern: Tunic Top.

 I've done ok so far with my new years resolution to sew more. I've made 2 garments and done a pile of alterations that have been mounting up for what seems like forever.  I'm now in the middle of making my own dress pattern for a wedding reception I'm going to in March eek!! fingers crossed it will turn out ok.

The first thing I made this year was a tunic top. I used a simplicity pattern K2938- which was another freebie from  sew magazine. It features a dress, top, jacket and trousers.
I opted for the top as I had the perfect fabric in my stash but not enough to make the dress.

The top was really easy to make. I didn't have to use my unpick-er once to undo any stitches which I might add is a first for me- so yay!!!

The only problem was, I rushed to finish it and didn't set my over-locker/serger up properly. This caused some the seams to pucker and  the hem doesn't sit properly- it goes up slightly where the seams are.

I used satin fabric. There was suppose to be a side zip but because it's a lose fitting top I didn't think it needed it, so I left it out.

 I also didn't make the fabric belt that should go with it but I'm having second thoughts and think a black belt would compliment it nicely- what do you think?

Thanks for looking x


  1. woow Iam in love with the top you have done a good job.. thumps up heh .. I will defiantly follow you..

    hope you will follow

  2. That is so cool!
    The print is lovely and it looks so professional :D

    I love your blog, I'm now following you ^_^

  3. What a pretty top - I think a belt would look lovely, Sally x

  4. The top looks really nice. It's also nice to know that more experienced sewers also make mistakes! I'm a beginner working on my first project, so looking at other people's work is really inspiring.

  5. Nice top and I like the fabric and you can't tell that the tension was off from the pic. What did you decide to do about a belt? I think black would be better as same fabric could be over-kill....

    1. Thanks, I ended up not making a belt after, I felt that the top was a bit short for one, but if I had made one I would of gone with black.


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