Burda Evening Dress 8194

I've been wanting to make this dress for ages. I think I bought the pattern about three years ago!!!
so a few weeks back I decided to bite the bullet and have a crack at it, I haven't made it for anything in particular just out of  curiosity to see how well I could cope with the amount of fabric, so excuse the fabric colour choice but I went with the cheapest at the fabric shop.

It's a Burda pattern for a full length halter-neck evening dress. some of you might have already spotted it but I only paid £2.99 for the pattern- the envelope was damaged.
I must admit I bought the pattern when I hardly knew anything about sewing but I liked the design so I took the chance thinking I'll be able to make it one day lol!

As my increased knowledge of sewing grew I got put off by the amount of fabric needed (5 meters :o) and the godet's - triangular inserts on the skirt?  Plus the top of the dress looked fiddly.

but what do you know, I really surprised myself with this dress it was a lot more easier to make than first thought.

I decided to do the godets and waist band in a contrast colour, I was going to do it in pink and ivory but there was only white at the shop!!!
After making the dress I'm not sure if I like the two colours. I'm thinking jewel colors would have worked better like purple and emerald.

The angled pleats on the bust and the gathered waist band originally put me off making the dress, but all in all it went together well. The neckline is very low approx 2inches below the bust.

The godets were fiddly which wasn't helped by me misreading the instruction.

For the fabric I've used crepe back satin, it was cheap (£2.50 per meter) which was brill because I've not made the dress for anything in particular it was something I just wanted to try to see how well I coped with lots of fabric.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments.
Thanks for looking xx


  1. Oh wow! Its so pretty! I think the colours work (at least they do in the photo's, I know sometimes photo's and reality is different). The white really sets off the pink. Though jewel colours would have been really stunning too.

  2. great job! i am so impressed you scored the pattern and fabric for such a reasonable price too! xoxo


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