paloma faith inspired sketch.

oh gosh!!! I feel I've fallen so behind with this blog, but new job + a dress to make = no internet time and defo no blog time :(. The new job is going ok though so with a bit of will power and better time management I should be able to juggle the whole sewing, designing,  blog-thingy.

Just a sketch to post today but hopefully I'll put up the dress I designed and made in the week (it's the first thing I made that I've actually worn lol!!!)

I based this sketch on the dress that Paloma Faith performed in at the Brit awards. I thought she looked fab and feisty. but I wanted to design a more wearable dress but with all the passion and feisty-ness of Paloma's and with out the tails which Cee-lo managed to rip off (so funny!!! even Paloma seen the funny side which is good) 
Instead this dress has an off center train, with detailing to the bodice which is finished with white piping to add contrast.
Thanks for looking xx


  1. this dress is lovely, I like the piping on the side :)

  2. Hey did you actually make this dress? Id love to see the real piece once your done :D I never had patience to make my own stuff even though I LOVVVVVE designing. Come visit my post about SPRING 2011 WEDGE CRAZINESS!!!


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