Dress Patterns

The weather is lush today, bright blue sky, a wisp of wind and temperatures around 18-20oC. Which in my books classifies as summer, as it doesn't really get much better than this in the actual summer :))

So with summer comes weddings and with weddings comes dresses!! so far I've got two weddings to go to and with my dress sorted for the August one (more on that another time) it's the May one that's concerning me.
I really want to make my dress for this wedding, but I'm a bit stumped these are the two patterns I've bought but I'm not sure which one to go far:

I'm leaning more toward the Project Runway one as I think I want to go for a vintage look, but the Cynthia Rowley one is simple and contemporary which is a look I quite like but I think I'd make the strapless version if I choose that one.
With the Project Runway one I'm going more towards the patterned dress or the figure in the white.
 I'm also thinking that If I choose that one I'd change the pattern to a circle skirt and would have side straps to make in to a bow at the back-- what do you think??

Thanks for looking xx


  1. aw i love the Cynthia Rowley pattern! so chic, and love the shoulder cut out.


  2. I tend towards the first one, I think it´s more appropriate to go to this event, it's soooo romantic! I like the idea of making a bow with ribbons, it's a chic touch. "

  3. These are both lovely, but I think the first one is my favourite! Perfect for a wedding!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. I like the Cynthia Rowley one. It's very pretty and would probably be form flattering =)


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