Koos Van Dem Akker

I've recently descovered Threads magazine, haven tried a few over the last few months this one seems to be most relavent to me with pleanty of new tips, good idea's and inspiration. I find a lot of the other magazines are perfect for beginners  but I wanted something a bit more advanced and this does the trick.

To the tittle of today's post Koos Van Dem Akker. There was an article in may's edition of threads on this inspiring designer which intrigued me, as he is considered a collage designer, combine different fabrics to make one item of clothing. His style, I think is impressive and unusual to say the least:

So what do you think?? I was surprised when I first reserched him as he is current with what he does.
The clothes look like they have been cut from one piece of cloth as the fabric flows so well, whats nice to see is that Koos has been doing this since 1968 but it still seems so new and refreshing.
He also has a boutique on madison avenue in New York called Koos and I'm intreasted to hear if anyone has visited it?
images taken from Koos website

Thanks For Looking x x 


  1. Lovely photos and inspiration!!!Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great post! Yes, Koos has a boutique (between 90th and 91st) on Madison Avenue in NYC. The boutique carries new pieces and has a fabulous vintage section as well. I felt like I was in a museum, each article of clothing is like a unique little work of art to be examined and appreciated. The lady who runs this small Koos boutique is very sweet and informative. Definitely worth a visit!


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