marc jacobs illustration

Just a quick illustration I did of this Marc Jacobs spring/summer 11 look, the image I copied was out of a magazine but the image I've got here is shows the fabric to be darker and dusky in colour, in the magazine they were brighter and more summer-ey looking so I'm guessing a bit of photoshop-in had gone on or a bit of light tricky is to blame!!

 I love the sheer material and the floatyness of the fabric which I've tried to capture in my illustration, I also tried to copy the face as it's one of my weaker areas when drawing but it didn't look right so I just did my own thing lol!

image from

I'm away for a week or so now so there won't be any posts until I get back, but I hope you all have a lovely Easter!!!!

Thanks for looking x 


  1. Beautiful!!!! You captured the essence! Have a wonderful day of rest.


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