sewing machines

Having a love of sewing means that I'm fascinated by sewing machines even more so since the industrial Brother machine we have in work has been fixed.  I LOVE this machine it's basically identical to the brother machine below. It's really old and complete with pant flaking too but it's so nice to use and surprisingly quite.

I would love to own my own industrial machine, maybe something like the one juki machine below.
 ahh I can dream............

I would also love a singer treadle sewing machine. My great grandmother had one. When she passed away my uncle took it ( I was too young and didn't have an interest in sewing back then).  He thought it would be worth something- it wasn't- roll on a few years later we hoped (me & my mum) that he had kept it in his garage but nope he'd given it to the scrap man!!! I was gutted. 

More affordable but still on the expensive side for a home machine, I've been eye-in up the singer heavy duty sewing machine. It has a metal sewing bed, extra fast sewing speeds and stretch stitch.
 It's ideal for those who sew every day and for use on heavy fabrics, sounds perfect for me but I'm not sure I want to purchase it just yet. I already have two sewing machines and an overlocker, which I'm barely able to store, with out having to find room for another. 
I really need a proper sewing Room but living with the parents means I'll have to wait till I get a place of my own.

What machine do you own and what machine you would like to own?



  1. This is great for the eye! I think sewing machines for sewing is like candy to a toddler. Love, love your dress last post, the wonderful color, design, youth, and fit the dress on you, everything is fabulous! Beautiful work!

  2. How much would you like for the white one?


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