The Laura Ashley Shorts

This is one massive tick off my sewing to-do list, I started drafting the pattern for these shorts last year. eventually I give up because of fitting issues. This year I decided to tackle the fitting issue head on, purely because I really really wanted to make these shorts (they refused to leave my thoughts) also I get double kicks out of knowing I not only sewed the pattern but made it too!!

 To the fitting issue, first off I used the wrong pattern block. The first block was lose fitting shorts, the second block was tailored shorts (talk about barking up the wrong tree) and then finally the close fitting jeans /shorts block (that more like it). I  used my own measurements to draft the block using Winifred Aldrich's pattern cutting book.
 The final toile using the close fitting block was a better fit all round compared to the previous ones but with one snag- I still had a similar fitting problem to the previous toiles- the back- it gapes -a lot!! now this is stating to feel like like a bad penny!! Which is not helped by the fact I have a slight sway back. 

 After taking in the side seams to no avail ( I took them back out)  I decided to rack my brains and decided to take in the centre back seam in by 2.5cm (the first time I've tried this) and it worked- yay!
It did mean that the back created a v-shape on the next toile so to correct this I drew in a new waist line 2cm up from the original waist and drew the new waist line to meet parallel to the side seam (it's the wedge on the waist line which you can see in the pic above). and what do you know it worked, no nasty v-dip and no gaping!!!

The fabric I used was a Laura Ashley print that I was given. I've had it a while and thought it would look lovely made into shorts with pink trim, I think it has a quirky vintage like charm to it. I'm pleased with these shorts and how they turned out, I even stitched and over-locked them in pink cotton. 

For the pocket bags I used a ditsy floral print in poly-cotton to compliment the fabric . I also top stitched the back pockets and they too came out pretty well even if i do say so myself!!

Even though these shorts were so hard to get right fitting wise, I'm glad I came back to them as I really love how they finally came out.

 The downside...... I don't think I'll be wearing them this year! Any hope of having a late summer has dyed a sudden death it's cold, wet and windy!!! xx   


  1. Wow, these shorts are fantastic! Can't believe they are self-drafted too, might have to invest in that book!

  2. Such a cute combo of fabrics. And I admire your dedication not to give up until you got it spot on. A skill that only comes with experience methinks!


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