The end is nigh (blogtober fest)

Well my friends as the titles says 'the end is nigh!' what am I talking about,  Blogtober fest of course.
so I did it, I took up my first blogger challenge and completed it (bar one day but shhhh! hehe), I was a little unsure at first to sign up partly because I was afraid I wouldn't complete the challenge but in the end I thought 'what the hell'. plus I feel I should be more active in the blogsphere so this was a great way of dip my toe so to speak.

so here's a little run down of how I did it and my thought.

How I did it....
Strictly I didn't 'actually' blog every day, I used a fair amount of scheduled posting, I did this to free up time as I tend to pop on the net to have a quick check of emails, facebook, blog, twitter ect. and end up being on here far longer than I intended, so by scheduled posting it makes sure I'm not lolling around on here and being more productive else where i.e. sewing.
How I decided what to post about was to write a list. I ended up with a least two weeks worth of posts, this went out of the window after the fourth day but it did served as a reference for when I got stuck on post ideas though.

What I learn't....
That I can find things to write about when pushed. Sometimes I struggle to post especial if I haven't been to productive. There are time when I can barley string two posts a week together, but this challenged proved I can find things even if I am blabbering on a lot little. It also showed how much I enjoyed blogging as I felt I wanted to do it rather then feeling like I had to it.

Did I learn anything about my blog?
Hmm this is interesting, I found my day page views have doubled they have genitally rose all month but when I compare it with the first day and yesterday for example I definitely have double the amount of visits.
My post about removing blood spots from fabric generatied a lot of interest too so maybe blogging about unusual sewing tips may become a regular feature. I also learnt that I need to draw more regularly, I thought the illustration posts I did which I something I would like to keep doing were poor this month mainly because I haven't drawn in a while and have become rusty.

Was it successful?
yes, firstly because I completed it, and secondly, I found new and exciting blogs to read. I also gained a couple more followers* which is always lovely and very much a bonus!! (*Thanks and Hi (waving) to both the new ones and the old older ones :D)

Would I do it again?
Definitely! but if I was working I think I would struggle to post every day though even on scheduled, so a big congrats to those who hold down jobs and/or have a family to contend with and can still set out posts everyday!!

What would I do different next time?
I would love to be able to 'actually' post everyday rather than schedule a lot of the posts.
 I would also consider setting my own challenge to ensure I 'actually' blog everyday like making an outfit a week for the whole of blogtober fest and documenting my daily progress.

whats next....
I'm going to take more or less a week off  from blogging now, hopefully do lots of sewing and come back feeling a little more refreshed.

and one more thing.....
A big thank you to Cathy at tinnegirl for putting the whole thing together. Cathy has been running blogtober fest for four years now and even though she has been unwell through most of this month she has still manged to blog almost everyday, what a trooper!!!  Here's the list of those who took part too, so go on take a peak and find a new blog to follow!!!

Have a good week y'all see you soon xx


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Blogtoberfest. I am still deciding how I feel about participating lol!


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