Felt making inspiration.

Some of you may have read my post on creative stitching and hobbycrafts as you will know I enjoyed the show and came away with this felt making kit. unfortunately I've still not used it yet, but I have been researching into feltmaking and finding ideas of what to make. There are some lovely things which has given me plenty of inspirtaion but I'm thinking of keeping it simple for now.

feltmaking inspiration....

 Baymut a shop on etsy selling lovely elegant pieces, I especially love the white circle scarf. 

ShishLOOK design Another etsy store, selling pretty and playful accessories ...

HandyMaria  selling unique accessories AND beautiful clothes made from felt... 

 Scarf by Liz Clay, it looks so delicate and sweet enough to eat!! 

And then there another scarf made of small circles by  sylvia woodford, now I think this is something I could make.........

 Do any of you felt make or ever had a go?  what do you think of felt accessories yay or nay?
whatever your thoughts on felt or felt making I would love to hear them?? Leave a comment or email me if you like, the address is in the side column


  1. I've never given felt a proper thought before, but these scarves and accessories are gorgeous!


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