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pinafore dress and belt illustration

Just a quick post today!!

I managed to do a few drawing last week, This is the first time since before going away in July that I've done any, I almost forgot how relaxing it can be so I made it up by doing three. This is the first one based it on the belt I made to go with the pinafore dress. I think you can tell I haven't drawn for a while with this one everything looks a little out of sorts..
The shading on the dress has come up a bit weird not helped by the fact  I haven't got a dark blue/ navy coloured pen. I tried to compensate by laying down a grey colour, but my scanner has made it look green-ish- in places- oh the delights of technology!!


  1. This image refreshes both! I want this to be the next project .... please .... This wonderful blue dress has to end up being a wonderful dress fabric


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