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Sewing Tip.

How many times have you been sewing along and then ouch!! you've pricked your finger, then you notice it's bleeding and even worse it's on the fabric too!!
This has happened to me so many times but I think it's worse when it's on a white or light coloured fabric. Here's  little tip I picked up: you must do this immediately, wet your finger with your own saliva and then dab it on to the blood, you may have to wet your finger with saliva a few times, but the blood should disappear in no time at all leaving you with clean fabric but still nursing a sore finger, for which I recommend a slice of chocolate cake........


  1. Oh, yeah! Alleviates much chocolate cake .... heh, heh. I use hydrogen peroxide to the same problem, but chocolate cake is a great idea!

  2. Yep, defo done this before! Thanks for the tip, it will definitely come in handy ;o)

  3. Fantastic tip, thanks for sharing :)


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