Outfit Envy & how to make.

 I've been watching Pan Am again!!I really don't think this show is good for me besides having complete outfit envy every time I watch I now want to be a stewerdess!!!
This week saw episode 5 and 6 of the first series and this outfit worn by Christina Ricci's character Maggie caught my attention, I thought she looked really elegant and chic with her little biker gloves really setting off the outfit.

I want this outfit!!!
Rather than buy it, it's surely more fun to make it, yes!! here are the patterns I would recommend to do so ......

                 Butterick B5566                                                        Mccalls  M6038

 Both are nice patterns but I would consider using the butterick as I think it has some lovely options to be used again and again, although the mccalls pattern is more accurate to Maggies outfit, but both are suitable.

                 vogue V9771                                                                    simplicity 2599

The vogue pattern has a nice option for a cowl neck line and could be a nice feature especially if your not fussed on using a print fabric or if your a dab hand you could alter the neck line to be more like the outfit.. The simplicity pattern is the nearest to the actuall top but you would need to leave off the ruffles and bow.

or rather than buy new patterns to make it, go through your stash and see what you can find, it might need the odd tweak but it'll leave you with a bit more dosh to splash on your fabric

The belt...
Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Maggie has a corset type belt on, I don't think it's part of the top as it has princess (vertical) seams running through it and it looks to be coming away from the body than attached to the top. You could buy a belt similar, or you could attempt to make one y using a pattern that is close fitting with princess seams. see example below

Take this Burda 3477 pattern for example, trace out the waist area making sure it is around 8 -10 cm wide, you may also need to include a 1.5cm seam allowance all the way around it including the  center back seam where the zip would normally go, but not on the princeess seams or side seams. 
Cut out the material twice once for the front and the other to act as lining, you may to add interfacing too for stability. Assemble the princess seams and then the side seams leaving the back open and do the same for the lining. With wrong sided together then stitch round the pieces leaving the one end open, turn it to right sides out and slip stitch the open end together and then fasten as you wish you could use a hook and eye, Velcro or poppers, if you wish add a narrow belt abound this belt for added clinched-in effect or piece of ribbon wich you could tie into a little bow.

Now all you need do is add shoes, earrings, gloves and a clutch bag and your ready to rock Maggie's look.

and before I go fabric choices for the skirt...

Something like cotton sateen, cotton jersey, baby gabardine/bi-stretch, twill or a little more extravagant silk dupion or stretch satin.

 For the top, a nice satin or silk would work well or an overlay of chiffon. 

If you chose to make a belt, light weight leather, medium weight twill or duchess satin would be good choices.

feel free to add comment other suitable fabrics if you wish and I will add them to this post.


  1. Let me say to you that have exquisite taste in fashion! So now I am bitten by the bug of TV series and I'll take a look .... I am anxious to see this model of dress or top and skirt maybe on you.

  2. I watched this episode last week and I made my boyfriend rewind and pause on this outfit - one of favourites from the programme so far! Can't wait to see how you recreate it!

  3. Rosy you must have a look at Pan Am, I'm sure you will love it especially the costumes.

    Marie- I watch this with boyfriend too, I didn't think he would be fussed but I think he likes it as much as me lol!


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