Playing with Pleates

  Since I can remember I've been wanting to pay around with pleating and draping, last week I finally had a go. I used a pattern I'd already drafted for a strapless top and used left over material from previous projects rather than buy new.
I used a polyester satin for the base and crepe chiffon for the pleating which was left over from a college project.  I could of really done with more chiffon for the pleating but I was content with the outcome in the end.

I pleated the chiffon by cutting the chiffon longer than the top and gathering each side of the chiffon to fit the satin pattern piece. I then basted the chiffon pieces to each of the panel pieces before constructing the top.

The result was quite pleasing and I found I could actually manipulate the pleat's if I so wished like to craete different effects, so my experimenting with pleating turned out to be be quite fruitful, those of you who are eagle eyed will have no doubt noticed that the top is not finished!!!

I am thinking of boning the top which will be a first for me and then lining it, although I am think of also facing the top too as I think this will provide extra support seen as it is strapless.

what I like about this technique is that you don't really know how the pleat effect is going to turn out until you put it together. I imagine the more or less material you use will have an effect, same as you can somewhat direct the pleats to a slant which will also give varying effects.

what next.....

 This is where you come in, personally I think the top is too long to add a skirt but perhaps if the skirt was cut on the bias and left to cling to the figure it could look quite nice.

My idea is to make black trousers to go with the top with a big bow acting as a tie, The option here is to either make separate black trousers or do I attach the trousers to the top to make it in to a jumpsuit/playsuit??

either way feel free to have your say ............


  1. Congrats, your pleated top is beautiful! I am curious to see it finished off and maybe to catch a glimpse of the back side as well.

    It would be really stylish with black trousers, I agree with you.


  2. that's a gorgeous bodice with those pleats! love to see an outfit-post with it :)


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