Lady with Blue

This was my effort on merging Laura Laine's style with some of my own.

I'm not too sure what I think, I was hoping the colours would be more translucent but I'm more proud of the face and the hair which makes a change haha.........


  1. Hi,I recently bought Fashion Illustration by Anna Kiper to start learning fashion drawing but I must say it is not as simple as it may look, so congrats to you!

    How did you start sketching ? Did you take special classes or just learned it by yourself? Would you have any tips for a plain beginner like me?


  2. Aww thank you!

    I started drawing when I become interested in fashion and wanted to design clothes, but my sketches were awful (very child like!!).
    Then i did a fashion course and that's when my drawing really improved, but all they did was to encouraged us to draw alot and to look at fashion drawings, look at the way other artist draw and use this to create your own sketches and to be honest it worked, for the first year my drawings were still a little awkward sometimes I did very skinny figures with no faces and other times I drew them more realistic but slowly they got better.

    so my tip would be to practice and practice, keep a sketch book and do a few sketches a week, maybe even one a day if you have time, it doesn't have to be perfect or coloured in. it could literally just be a quick sketch with a pen, or a flick of a paint brush and then you can do a more detailed one when you have time.

    another tip is that when you first start out it can be hard to get the whole figure in proportion so there is something called a 8 or 10 head rule, which should be in the book you bought, I used to do this all the time and in fact still do for head to toe figures.
    youtube is also a good source for learning how to draw but don't stress if your drawings don't look quite right at first just keep drawing and you will get there.

    but really it's practice practice practice.

    I hope that helps and let me know how you get on.

  3. your sketches look amazing!!! im terrible at it, and always envy the ones who can do beautifully watching project runway shows.. i really do love yours!!



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