New Design: Jenni Kayne

I haven't done one of these posts in a while, probable because I've been more into sewing than fashion as of late, but I'm winding down now the holiday season is approaching and having a little catch-up on fashion.
In all honesty fashion is my first love with sewing right behind it and for me the two go hand in hand, I know some of you think otherwise, but it's how I've always seen it and it's nice to keep in mind current trends and what designers are putting out there. I think it has a lot to do with not me just sewing for me (more on this at a later date) but wanting to sew for others too.
In the spot light this week is Jenni Kayne.

A designer from L.A who started her own line aged just 19 in 2003. she debuted her first collection on the runway in 2010 and is continuing to do well with resort collections too.

 Spring 2012

Pre-fall 2012

Both collections have taken me aback, the clothes are realistically wearable with an easy going style (her LA influence maybe). I could image myself wearing all the looks (if only I had the money), which is something I don't say often.

I love love love that blue skirt 'Hmm maybe I could make one'?? (although I think I should stop saying that I already have a list as long as I am tall of things I want to make) and those wide leg style trousers are to dye for ' maybe I could .......'

Have a lovely weekend all, by the way are you already for Christmas yet?


  1. Hi, Sarah! Have you ever checked this site:

    Just wondering what you would think of it...


  2. I can't say I have until now, I've just taken a quick look and it looks like a fab blog, definitely one to follow I think!

    Thanks for the link.


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