Ooo la la!

I'm feeling blue with all this cold weather, I was hoping we would get away with a mild winter this year but no such luck. However this cold dark damp bone chilling weather does have it's advantage- more time for sewing of course.

Lingerie seemed like the perfect pick-me-up, and was also something I could cross of my list of  things to try. I used this down-loadable pattern from the cloth magazine website.

The pattern is a U.K size 12/14, you can increase or decrease the size by using 5mm intervals for each size you need to go up or down too. I only scaled it down once making it a 10/12 as I wasn't sure how accurate the sizing was. Turns out it's fairly average and as they are a bit baggy on they could do with being take down another 5mm. I might add when decreasing the size I didn't take any from the crotch as it's already quite narrow.

 Here's a quick run down on how to make them....

1.  cut out knickers in a lovely satin or cotton material, seam allowance is included. Then cut out crotch/gusset in a cotton or cotton lycra. 

2. stitch the crotch in place by first folding in the raw edges and matching the shape to the knickers.
Then choose a pretty or unusual stitch on your machine to create a scallop edge and stitch all the way round  like so.....

I choose to stitch a little way in from the edge.I then cut very close to the stitches to achieve my scallop edge.

3. Attach 5mm elastic all around the edges of the knickers using a zig-zag stitch, pulling the elastic tight as you go.


4. stitch up the side seams and Ooo La La you have now have some lovely lingerie. Feel free to embellish them as you wish add ribbons, bows or ruffles.



Would I make these again?

Fabric choice?
I choose left over satin from a previous project, but I would like to use a printed cotton or stretch lace if I did do them again..

I scaled down by 5mm, but I would to scale it down another 5mm as they seem a bit bloomer-ish , I also think I will shape the back of the pattern a bit more as I prefer a higher cut. 

Novice/beginner, The tricky-est part is anchoring the elastic down but otherwise it's a breeze.This make was very easy and quick the sort you can whip up in an hour-hour and half and is perfect for using up fabric you have left over.


  1. Making undies is quite nice right? I buy Cloth magazine all the time. I even have a subscription to it.

    1. I'd like to think so, it's quite satisfy making something in such short space of time and it doesn't need much concentration either.
      Cloth magazine is one of my favourites so many good ideas and articles. I'm thing of getting a subscription as I have to go out of town to buy a copy and the shop that sells it isn't always open.

  2. Oh là là, that's beautiful (photos and garment).


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