Rio carnival 2012

It's London fashion week but to be-honest I've been more interested in the Rio carnival. I've always been attracted to the Rio carnival, I love bright colours, sparkles, feathers and not to mention costumes.
 Going to the Rio carnival is definitely on my lifetime to-do list, being able to dress and dance in the festival would be a epic dream come true, but I'll settle for viewing, at the present time it means viewing through the means of the internet, with drool seeping down my face I might add. Not only would I love to don one of those costumes I'd love to design and make one too.
This years carnival has been quite something, with the U.K hosting the Olympics this year Rio took a lot of it's inspiration from London and paid homage through costumes such as the queen, royal guardsmen, knights, Sargent peppers lonely hearts club band, Amy Winehouse, Wayne Rooney and Freddie Mercury to name just but a few, then the was the usual samber-ness with the fragrant, colourful and flamboyant costumes, that to me look like birds of paradise only in human form, spectacular, I think you'll agree.

All images from Mail online to see more click here


  1. I love carnival.. of course.. I'm brazilian..!!!

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