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Sewing: Self-Drafted high- waisted shorts.

Another make from back in febuary. I self drafted the shorts which was loosly based on this pattern. The changes I made were to lengthen the shorts and make them high waisted. I also pleated the waist band which flares out at the top but is kept under control by a fabric tie/belt. 

I've wanted to make a pair of these shorts ever since I did this design for then. 

second one in, in-case your wondering.

They went together well and fit like a glove all-though perhaps a little more ease wouldn't go a miss. I initially imagined these as winter shorts that I would wear with thick black tights but I think they should serve me all year round as they look fine with out tights too.

The black lines you can see are not snags but cotton threads tut-tut!!

Another make that I'm pleased with. the only downside is that pocket bags were attached a bit to close to the the pocket opening making them paritally visible. This is also some thing I've had problems with before but I hope to address it the next time I make selfdrafted shorts. I think where I go wrong is that after adding 1.5cm seam allowance I think that by rounding the seam allowance up to 2cm will do the job nicely, except that it's only leaving the pocket bag 0.5cm from the pocket edge opening. I hope that if I add another 2cm onto the original seam allowance the pocket bags should sit nicely inside the shorts with-out being visible.

Another tut-tut, pocket bags being visible.

The low down

Material: I think it's possibly tweed dogtooth, it's a bit on the scratchy side too any yes! it's been washed haha!!

Pattern: self drafted using the Winifred Aldrich tailored trouser block done to personal measurement. Then adapted to contain pockets and a pleated waist band.

make again: yes.

Do differently: sort out the pocket bags showing, more pleated in the waist band and I would also line the waist band so it looks neater, at present I only overlocked and stitched a narrow hem which looks cheep!!

In other news:

I also bagged myself a new job yesterday!! Working in a craft shop that is opening in my local shopping center. The shop also offers craft workshops too. I'm excited to start but it's not for another month yet!
I still plan to open up an etsy shop as a side business, but having this job also will provide me with a much more stable income which is what I really need right now.


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