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watercolour sketch.

A quick sketch with me new watercolour paints!

This sketch is a copy by the way spotted in company's high street edit magazine from last spring/summer.

 I've been after a set of  water colour pans for a while, I've settled with the royal&langnickle brand but I wish I had gone for the Windsor & Newton brand instead which are the ones I've been cavorting. 
I used to use watercolours all the time, one of the reasons is that they are easy to use and you can easily remedy a mistake with them. I then switched to using pro-markers which are quicker to use (no mixing colours) The pro markers also made me a better artist/illustrator as it forces you to work more quickly and accurately thus making less mistakes, but as much as I love using pro-markers, it's nice to have a range of mediums especially watercolours as they produce more fluid/softer results.

p.s I'm a really bad blogger as of late, I've still not photographed any of my recent makes and for that I apologise. hopefully normal service will resume soon!! 


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