Sewing: Trench Coat Buttons

I may be posting a little infrequent as of late, but I do plan to post rather than leave this blog in the lurch. currently I'm hoping to have a day off at some point in the next week, which I would love to spend sewing- my trench coat to be precise- unfortunately if I am gifted that luxury, I think It will be mainly spent catching up on sleep :/ I am that tired I feel I could sleep for a week!!

On to sewing matters, I've fretted so much over chosen buttons for my coat, that I was seeing buttons in my sleep- I kid you not!! so I've taken the plunge and opted for silver brown perlised ones off ebay! I'm not particularly bothered weather or not I will like them as I've decided that as long as the are ok, that will do me - well until I find something I do like that is!! 

10 buttons for £1.95- bargain!!

now all I need is that day off!!!


  1. I know what you mean about seeing buttons in your sleep, more than once I've dreamt about buttons well trying to find the perfect set for a top or coat.


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