The Holes in my Sleeves Dress; Cynthia Rowley pattern

I apologise, just when I think I've finally got myself into a routine RE: sewing and blogging, technology disrupts my routine. 
My card reader, which I use to upload my photos off my camera, has always been temperamental, and decided it wasn't going to work at all!!  I blame my boyfriend, he was the last one to use it!!

 It is now working again, but the boyfriend is banned from going anywhere near it!!


I've sort of finished this dress, (well enough to show you some photo's of it). I've still got the sash type belt to sew and possibly some sequins to adorn it with, but the actual dress is finished!!

 Last year I made the sleeveless version, but I opted for sleeves this time. They are unusual as the have circular cut out detail in them, so I was curious to give them ago.
 They were a little fiddly, partly down to the instructions mainly, but after getting my head round the first sleeve it's pretty easy to do the second. 
The only down side is you have to cut the sleeves out very accurately and ever so neatly, unlike me who rushed so they didn't quite match up properly, but no worries as I cut another one out.

I was particularly pleased with my pockets, they turned out quite neat with non of the usually bulky-ness or puckering that I've experienced before. 

Gathers at the neckline.


The low down.


Pattern: Cynthia Rowley for simplicity 2406.         
Alterations: Nothing major, I shortened the length as usual. I decided I didn't want to incorporates a open back into this dress, the pattern recommends using a zip instead but as it's a loose style I didn't bother and can still getting into it fairly easily.

Does it look like the pattern image: yes, it's actually near enough identical, 

Skills: Gathering, in-seam pockets and cut out detail.

Easy to make / follow instructions: The body goes together really easy especially without the cut out detail in the back. The sleeves are fiddly to begin with, but once you've done one, the second is far easier.
 Instructions are clear and easy for most of the pattern except they take a little re-reading to understand how to assemble the sleeves.

Make again: Yes
Change anything: I would Think about making the sleeve cut-out detail a little smaller, as it can feel too exposed.

Material: A very tight woven cotton, not particularly ideal for sewing with, but does wonders for the cut-out sleeves to stop them from looking droopy.

Worn it yet: nope, it's note quite finished.

Verdict: I am a fan of this pattern and can see me making more versions of it, which is a good thing as I usually make something once and don't bother again.
 I like the colour too and think this dress pulls off the 'safari chic' look really well, perfect for summer- that's if we have one of course!!

If you would like to see the first version of this dress I made (sleeveless version) , puckered seams, pasty skin and all then Click Here


  1. It turned out so cute, I think skipping the cut out in the back was a good call it seems a bit much with the cut out sleeves.
    Great job!

  2. Thank Laura!! I'm glad I left the cut out back on this version, it looks good on the model, but it's not too practical for every day wear.


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