Illustration: gingham trousers

I really, really, really want to make myself a pair of gingham trousers style jeans with a white waist band and white turn ups, but so long is my list, they will have to wait, so I've contented myself by drawing them instead.

I like the idea of using a purple or lilac gingham, but I think yellow or red would work equally as good too!! I think they would look lovely worn in the summer months, quite reminiscent of a picnic table cloth too!!

The idea for these popped into my head whilst I was away, it was quite strange as I'd was on my way home from doing the food shop when I suddenly thought, how cool would it be to have a pair of gingham trousers?! 
so I was wondering do you ever come up with ideas in strange places or  at unlikely times?


  1. Curious coincidence… while you sketch because sewing takes longer time, I read blogs because I do not have time to sew :-)!

    As for how/when ideas pop up, I noticed that I tend to have ideas (or to find solutions to a particular issue) when I let my thoughts go, when I am meditating, i.e., when I am relaxed and not running trying to catch up, or trying to cope with this crazy hectic life!


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