on my sewing table......

The trench coat is finally under-way!! Hopefully I'm not speaking too soon, but it's going really well, pretty easy to be-honest. 
The coat is practically assembled apart from the sleeves,  then all I have to do is make-up the lining and attach it to the coat!
I've chosen to line the front and back storm flaps with the same lining that going inside the coat (zebra print) I think it looks pretty cool!!

I've also added sequins to the holes in my sleeve dress. I've only placed them along the hem line which is enough to add something but not enough to be too OTT.

Finally,  I think I've got my sewing mojo back,  it's been hard trying to settle in to a new routine and put time aside to actually sew- then there was the nice weather, which I thoroughly made the most of, so  I'm only just settling-down. 

Now if only I could sew as fast as my brain thinks!!


  1. Lucky you. I still have to look at my trench coat pattern. I have all the supplies, but i am still busing sewing maxi dresses lol.

    1. Haha It seems these things take time I've had mine a year and only now i'm attempting it!! I do wonder if I'm making a mistake making it this time of the year, maxi dress seem more appropriate to summer lol!


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