Sewing Amazement

Sewing never ceases to amaze me!!

I've been sewing around 4 years properly,( more like 7/8 years, in which I use to wing it) but still, I am amazed from time to time!!

This time it's was a skirt, bought on a whim (and because it was in the sale). when I got it home and tried it on I was surprised to find a slit in the fabric as I did the side zip up.

I started thinking 'cheap crap' until i further investigated and slid my hand down the other side to realise it had side pockets!!!

Well I never, side pocket concealed with a side zip fastening, I can't say it had crossed my mind, or that I have ever come across it before!!

I just thought I would share my amazement with you!!

Have you ever come across an unusual sewing feature? 


  1. Sometimes RTW can surprise in a good way! It's happened to me once in a while, can't recall a specific occasion at the moment, though...

    Interesting about the pocket! I've actually been mulling that one for a few days now. I want to make a skirt with in-seam side-pockets and a side zipper. I know it cant work, I'm just not sure exactly how. Is your zipper attached to the pocketfabric on the front of the skirt? Is it an invisible zip or a regular? Grateful for any hints you can give on how to solve this mystery! =)

    1. It is an invisible zipper, which as you've guessed is attached to the pocket bag. it's all quite neatly done to be be honest which is surprising as it isn't a particularly expensive skirt either.

    2. I've also noticed that the zipper is also 'lapped' on the front a bit like a jeans zipper.

      if you like you can send me your email address to and I can send you more detailed photographs?


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