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Swarovski Girl illustration

I loved the girls hair in this advert for swarovski I seen the ad in the harpers bazaar magazine and decided to have a go at illustrating it.
I'm really pleased with how it turned out despite losing my black marker pen! Although illustrating this has made me realise that I need to add a few more colours to my marker collection.
I also used a white colouring pencil to highlight the bow in the girls hair and on her chest which worked well, but its made me realise how badly I would love a white out marker to add to my collections too.

The down side to this illustration is that I feel the scanned in image is harsh where as the original is more softer looking. It's still nice and a little diffrent to my normal 'fashion' sketches.


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Inspiration Wednesday....

Images from pintrest

Inspiration Wednesday.....

I think it's well over due for an inspiration Wednesday! So here goes.....

As always images are from Pinterest, to see more like this you can follow my Garment Details board here.

How To: Inserting a side seam zip with pocket

This skirt was meant to have a center back zip along with side seam pockets. Instead I put the two together and combined the zip into the side seam pocket and thought I would share with you how I did it or basically winged it ;)

What You should Know First:
This is easier than it looks all you need to do is be able to insert an invisible zip. The waist band was faced but I found it easier to attach the facing once the zip was in place.  This skirt also had lining but the lining fabric is treated as a single layer with the fashion fabric.
Prior to inserting the zip and pockets and treating the lining and fabric as one layer, I made sure both side seams were over-locked 
Construction Tips: These are by no means a definite way to do this, just the way I did it.  . 

1.  Pocket pieces should be kept separate, which makes it easier to place on the the skirt.

2. Taking the one pocket piece (Ignore that I have two in the pic) I lined it up on the right side of the skirt, with the correspondin…