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Trench update...

I'm still on sew slow, but for those of you who follow me on twitter you may have seen my recent tweet about making a very belated resolution to put an hour a day away to do some much needed sewing (well most days anyway). 
So from this week I'm hoping to do exactly that. If all goes to plan my little trenchy (my pet name for my trench coat) should be complete by the end of the week (don't bet on it though you could lose a lot of money  hehe!!)

So to the trench, almost two weeks of not touching it, I finally attached the sleeves on Saturday (slowly slowly -catchy monkey) , next is the lining, sleeve straps, buttons and a very good press!!

Hows your sewing going?


  1. It's such a process, isn't it? Love how it's taking shape! =)
    Kristina J.

    1. Thanks, it is a process but I'm really enjoying it!

  2. Don't worry, you're getting there! Looks very promising. And if it's not done this week, then it will get done next week. Or the week after =) I've learned not to push too hard to meet deadlines, instead the sewing takes as much time as it needs. Funnily, I get a lot more done with that appraoch than I do when setting deadlines and sewing-scheduals, but maybe that's just me!
    I do like the plan to sew 1 hour each day, wish I could do that... (practical problems). right now I'm working on a blouse and skirt combo, and at the same time I'm drafting a dress+jacket outfit to wear to a friends wedding in August. Multitasking here I come... ; )

    Keeping my fingers crossed you'll finish your coat soon!

    1. I'm sure it will get finished at some point ;) good luck with the multitasking I feel like I've got a million things on the go and I still want to start a million other things too, but I need to learn to take my time otherwise I just get frustrated.

  3. Love the design, the soft pastel colour and the iconic Hepburn photo!


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