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Illustration: when inspiration strikes

I'm still experimenting with a more sketchy style of drawing, although I think I over did it by picking out her checks. 
The thing is with me is I've always tried to be technical with drawing trying to get it exactly right which for me doesn't work, the result is often clinical and jaunty. I first started experimenting with sketchy designs near the end of college for devolving clothing designs, but I stuck by a more realistic/technical approach on the illustration side of things. Now that I've started applying this sketchy style of drawing to my illustrations I feel more confident in my work and feel like I'm finally developing a 'style' with my drawing. which was the whole point in college- to develop a style- better late than never I guess haha!!


Inspiration is everywhere so they say and this couldn't be more truer for this sketch. A few weeks back after leaving my room in a mess once again, I spied out the corner of my eye my watch on top of a previous sketch (side image) , instantly an image was conjured up in my mind and the result is the illustration you see above.

I'm quite keen to make a dress like the one I've drawn, an asymmetric design with a pleated chiffon over lay covering the one arm, with a really frilly flounce on the bottom of the actual dress part, enhanced with very fine wire to help it swirl and ruffle more.

Where do you get your inspiration from?


  1. I would like to say I get my inspiration from nature but I don't thing thats true lol. I justt sew what I see on patterns. and if I customise something I am making, the inspiration would probably come from something I might have seen somewhere and forgotten about it. do i make sense, coz I don't seem to be making sense to myself. lol. I wish I could draw like you though.

    1. aww thanks!! actually Dibs you do appear to be making sense... well I get you anyway haha!!

  2. Wow, there you are, developing your own style! Congrats, you are really gifted.

    1. Thank you, I am getting there, finally haha!!


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