Sewing: The long awaited trench coat

Only four flipping months in the making but my Trench coat is all sewn up and is finally finished!!

Sewing this Trench coat did drag on but I'm thrilled with it, I love it,  Ekk!!
It's true to say that this is my absolute utter favourite thing I've ever made myself so far, aaaand I've also worn it, now that's what I call a good result.

My delight in sewing this coat had made me realise two things, first I should make more coats! A bold statement but I really am a coat girl! Quite oftern I can be found to still have my coat on in the house, college and at work!! I feel the cold so I like to feel toasty, and I'm the type of girl of likes a coat for every occasion, weather, season and day, phew, that's a lot of coat making then!!
Secondly, I should promise only to make what I really want, not what I think I want. The trenchy has been on my list for a long, long time plus it's practical and wearable and that's why I love it!!

 The blurb.

I used a sew magazine pattern from 'the Daryl collection' issue 22. I toiled the pattern first, then made the usual adjustments.I shortened the length and sleeves, curved the waist in a slight touch and  also took the shoulders in a touch too.
The pattern suggested buying a buckle and eyelets to make the belt but I decided upon a long straight fabric belt that you just tie into a bow so it is really long.
The coat is a basic design so contained no lining so I made my own by adjusting some of the pattern pieces and drafting up an new piece for the front, incorporating the facing. I made my own label using my newly found stamping skills and hand stitched this in-place.

Medium weight Cotton Drill in beige, feels more like a light weight than medium though.
The lining is polyester zebra print.

Shoulder pads, buttons

Front and back storm flap, top stitching, double breasted, shoulder pads, lining, sleeve straps, all fabric tie belt and welt pockets.

Make again:

Do anything different:
Probably not, although maybe a full skirt would be nice with contrasting stitching or trim.

not really, I did sew the collar on upside down at first so I cut a new one out. The welt pockets on the coat were challenging and whilst the one is prefect the other could of been attached better but it doesn't notice. I also need to be neater sewing the belt loops.

Difficulty level:
This is a really easy pattern without the lining but it is a coat after all, so I would recommended it more for a beginner who is approaching intermediate level.

 Although this coat took me four months to sew don't let it put you off,  it can easily be done in a much smaller time fame, say around two weeks or less, but I sometimes went up to two weeks with out-touching it! I am glad I didn't rush this like so many other projects I have done.


  1. Stunning work.... Totally jealous

  2. That looks fantastic, the craftmanship is just lovely. I love the zebra-print lining. Good job!

  3. What a great achievement! I really like it, especially the lining and the tag! Will you change the type of fabric that you use for the next coat to have more of a winter version or just change the colour of the fabric?

    1. Thank you!! I'd like to do both to be honest, but I may just change the fabric on this one and sew a different style of coat for winter.

  4. Oh wow it turned out beautiful.

  5. Beautiful, very beautiful. Love the stamp label and the "singing in the rain" photo!

    1. Thank you, I thought I'd be creative with the photos haha!

  6. Your trench is beautiful! I also have a trench waiting for me to be hemmed, haven't touched it for almost 8 months now....... You've inspired me to finish mine asap ;-)!

  7. Awww thank you! Glad I've inspired you to finish yours hope you manage to get it done soon.


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