Introducing.....The Gabrielle Cape.

sooo, you know how I have this unccany nack of starting a project and finishing it about eight months down the line, well this is another of those projects!!

Cast your mind back if you can to when I did these sketches...

By now I should of had all four finished, (okay maybe not the third as it is covered in feathers). Insead I have one done, the first one and I've decided to call it the Gabrielle cape.

 I am really proud of it!I worked really hard on getting the shape right ( really, I didn't think a curve could be so stress full to get smooth) and although this is more of a sample cape ( I'd love to sell on etsy as most of you are well aware) It turned out pretty good even if I do say so myself!!

Tech info:

I drafted the pattern using the Winifred Aldrich pattern cutting book and drafted the cape using an outerwear flat pattern cutting block (no shaping e.g darts).
I toiled it, take a deep breath, at least 3 times if not four to get the shaping right!
The cape is pretty accurate to the sketch and does have the angled opening too.
Each bead was individually sewn on. Time consuming I'm sure you'll agree, but if one bead comes off these no need to panick about a srting of others coming with it.
The material is a medium weight shot taffeta, apparently the colour is called 'celebration'. It's mainly pink with a ever so slight cream/pale yellow sheen to it.
The lining is also pink.
It fastens with a single hook and eye and the bow is sewn in place.

So what do you think? Honest opinions muchly appritiated, thanks!!

p.s I'm thinking of making it in other colours and in duchess satin too!


  1. Oh it looks really darling! I love the pink color.


  2. It's just lovely you did a wonderful job you should be very proud. The colour is very pretty it suits you very well.

    1. aww thanks, pink is not normally something I would go far but this colour pink is really nice!!

  3. This is wonderful! Wow! You are sooooo creative! I love this cape, I love everything of this cape, Lady!

  4. Why not pop it on Etsy now? That'll be the best test you can give it when someone buys it. Go on! Do it! :)

    1. Hmmm your comment is actually making me want to put it on etsy now haha!! but the other half of me still feels like I need to wait until I've got at least two more items finished, :)


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