Re-done; tea length dress

This is another one from a while back too. I first made this dress last September, (wow was it really that long ago!!) but I was unhappy with the final result.
The waist was uneven and too low, I had put bows on the shoulders and a belt round the waist but with the fabric featuring a bow and flower print all over, it all looked a bit busy, truth be told.
On top of that I underlined the dress in cream to warm up the hash white fabric and decided to line it in cream too (what a good idea that was-Not) . It all just didn't seem to go.

Earlier this year I set to work on putting it right, other projects did get in the way though, and stopped me in my tracks (other times I've just been plain lazy though!)  That's why it's taken me until last week to get it finished, but at least I'm far happier with the result.



Close up of fabric print

Please excuse the photo's, I don't think it does the dress justice, but the weather is cack again to take them outside.

correcting wrongs:

I took away the bows on the shoulders and took away the fabric belt. I then unpicked the lining and the skirt from the bodice and re-cut the bodice shorter, I did something to the darts too, but can't remember what, I either let them out or took them in?!
I re-attached the skirt, replaced the zip as it was sticking, cut a new lining- this time in white and then reattached it. I also cut new netting strips to attach to the lining

The bodice fits lovely now and the waist line is far neater than before.
 I don't know if this is just me but it's surreal how just something as simple as the lining colour can affect how you feel about a garment. I'm much more satisfied now that it's white.

overall I'm glad I persevered with this dress and righted it's wrongs!!


  1. One word: gorgeous!

    I really like the simplicity of the design, the fabric, the tulle detail and I agree with you, this version is much better than the first one. Congrats!

    1. Thank you!! yes this one is so much better from the first, who knew that just by altering the waist could make so much diffrence.


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