Style Crush: Gwen Stefani

I caught the video for no doubt's new single a few days back ( I like it by the way) and I was thinking to myself how amazing does Gwen Stefani look! I mean the girl/lady/women, is 42 for pity sake!!
Well wow oh wowzers is all I can say! She doesn't look much different to when No doubt first started, ok she might, have possibly, had a little help (who knows? It is Hollywood after all!) but doesn't she look great!

I've always admired her style too, a little somewhat of a chameleon  and not afraid to experiment either her style to me is a little more everyday wearable, say compared to Paloma Faiths and I tell you another thing I like about Gwen Stefani although she is 'another' one of those celebrity's donning a clothing line, L.A.M.B to be precise she apparently comes from a line of seamstresses and grew up sewing herself, she has allegedly also sewn some of her label samples herself too, which I must admit is like gold dust for celebrity's to do, even some designers don't do that!! so that gives her double browny points in my little fashion book!!

Lets take a squint at some of her styles that make me googly eyed!!

     oh and that wedding dress!! Don't get me started, I'll save that for another post Haha!!