What's on my sewing table....

Experimental- I've been playing with pleats again!! Another top this time in pink, oh and I've been using starch too!! 

Panel skirt, using some of that lovely Tilda fabric I recently bought and white klona cotton from the lovely Alice at Backstitch, 
If you haven't ordered from backstitch yet your in for a treat, seriously I don't know what I look forward to the most, the fabric or the way it's it's beautifully wrapped!! It comes in-cased in tissue paper with green ribbon around it, a sticker holding it in place and (yes there's an and!) a personalised thank you card!! (it's the smallest things I'm sure you'll agree!!)

Forgive the wrinkly-ness of the pink fabric, I've ironed it now I promise hehe!!
This is going to be the Pan Am outfit I'm, trying to recreate!! 

Decisions, Decisions, decisions  
Finally I'm getting round to making a sorbetto top (yes!!)
I'm trying to decide weather to make one in both the pink and the blue strip, (the blue stripe was suppose to be for childerns clothes, naughty naughty), whilst I'm thinking of a longer version with the middle fabric, and also whether or not to add a collar on to the pink stripe???

What's on yours?


  1. Hmmm, the fabric and colours look tantalizing! I am curious to see the results.

    As for me, my visiting mum helped me finish a couple of unfinished projects. Currently working on a Burda skirt (April 2010 - no. 125).


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