Fashion show: Issa

One word, Beautiful!

 I've come to expect nothing less from Issa, she effortlessly puts out collection after collection of the highest standard and whilst I may not wear outfits like the ones seen below, I do find them lovely and inspiring to look at! 

This collection very much transports me to some tropical island, my dream destination! The colours and prints evoke fantasy of high temperatures, beaming sun shine, sandy shores and sipping that all important tropical cocktail, perfect! 

The first design is conjuring up a short length kimono style top in my mind and the partial laser print on the second one is making me envious, they were also seen on Matthew Williamson show too (a different design obviously), either way I don't care which design it is I'm on the hunt for a meter or two!

 Simple looks but elegant non the-less, I especially like the embellishment on the white dress, it stops it from being plain and gives it a little something. One to bear in mind I think!

The orange print 'all in one' screams 70's style. I'd love a version of this with shorter sleeves (like the one seen above) and shorts instead of the trousers.

And another one of those partial prints, really envious now my eyes are turning green!! I absolutely love this even though if I wore this it would do nothing for my figure I still love it non the less!! what I would give to be a leggy goddess, but a being a little pixie will have to do instead!

Images from style