fashion week: London

Gritty, edgy and preppy are some of the words that usually describe London fashion week! Not this year, the early forecast shows it to be more refined, laid back and cool, it's quite refreshing to be fair. Lets take a look ...

Matthew Williamson

Never one to disappoint with colour and print normally but this show did contain quite a lot of blacks, greys and off whites but pleanty of colour too. His cut's and styles were spot on and worked well with his prints. I'm quite taken with this colour combo print, and laser prints in general, now if only I could get my hands a meter or two!

 Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Inspirations galore with this collections, it was like taken a look through fashion history, from 40's to 50's to 80's. Madonna esk looks, Amy winehouse nods, just really fun twists on past era's, oh with the odd green face thrown in as you do? I liked this modern take on a 60's look one for the inspiration file!

James Long

The collection didn't do it for me, too much black, grey and white and stripes, but the shoes, The Shoes!!

 Temperley London

Red white and blue, knock on effect of the queens jubilee and the Olympics in a non too obvious way. The see through panels on the skirt could work well on shorter gals like me as the you can see more leg but still get that full skirt shape with out looking short and frumpy, if that makes any sense, I suppose it's like an illusion really!

Moschino Cheap and Chic

A sweet coat, simply shaped which lets the pattern do the talking, perfect for April showers, May, June and july for that matter, if you live in Britain that is!!

Felder, Felder

Perfect summery skirt, that you could do a marlin Monroe in, that is all!

Addition notes:

  • lots of small black and white prints are everywhere
  • small tribal prints are making a sneak peak 
  • modern stream-line cuts and tailoring are popular choices
  •  plenty of white and blue hues, pinks are seemingly popular with red poking it's head round the door too.
London fashion week is turning into a right slender queen (or duchess if you like) I wonder what the rest of the week will chuck up?

images from style


  1. Ooh, I love those skirts with the striped, sheer overlays! I wonder how I could replicate those...

    1. aint they gorgeous, I'm thinking organza would be a good choice material as it hold it's shape better than chiffon and georgette.
      I think perhaps the skirt is a half circle skirt and the stripes are in satin fabric and sewn on top of the sheer material? There also looks to be a white lining on the top half of the skirt too?
      I'm may be slightly mad but I'm thinking of making one?!

  2. I love the Temperley London designs, I'm a sucker for a big pouffy skirt :)

    1. snap! I like the weight of them it makes me feel safer if there's a big gust of wind haha!

  3. I totally love the temperley london skirts, in an admire-from-afar-but-never-wear type way... the tops are utterly gorgeous though, and the dress divine!

    1. The skirts are so nice and a bit different too!!

  4. Lovely British designs!

    Have you seen Burberry's "Corsets and Capes":

    1. I'm really impressed so far!

      I've had a little look, I think a few may make my next london round up ;)


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