Fashion week: New York

Whilst we (us of the British nature that is) have been blessed with a few nice days of weather, there is a turn in the air, that slight chill to say autumn is nearly upon us. whilst in the fashion calender it time to bask in spring/summer 2013!
 For those of us who's weather is changing I find it quite pleasing to see the spring/summer looks it makes me feel more upbeat, and let's me hang on to summer that little bit longer before it's thick coat and fur boots season or make that wellies if you live in the u.k!

I know there's a lot of people out there who find it strange that the fashion calender shows it's looks sixth months in advance, and there are many reasons for this, made to order numbers, waiting lists to see popularity or not as the case maybe, and to make sure there is enough stock to meet demand. It also provides the high streets designers and shops with ideas and fashionable and affordable (or knock-off) looks which can then be produced and ready to hit the shelf's soon as there is a whiff of spring in the air.

I also like to use the runway to inspire my own look and sewing too, taking bits from one outfit or designer and combining it with another or past season for that matter (I'm not choosy honestly) and as I'm a planner (of sorts) six months in advance gives me plenty of time to suss my look and not rely the high street and fashion mags too much, of course i do have a peak to see what looks they offer but by looking at the runway shows I can create my own style straight from the horses mouth so to speak!!

The biggest names are yet to hit the New York runway, but these are a few that already inspiring me for next summer:

10 Crosby Derek Lam.
 A diffusion line with pared down looks. I'm really into suits and there's a fair few of them around already,  but i feel the trend is still gaining momentum. At the moment I don't feel i can wear the look head to toe, if I worked in an office then i would be up for it especially with a white top underneath the jacket, but the jacket paired with jeans or leggings is a much nicer nod to the look.
Sheer tops and blouses have also been around for sometime too, but I feel the cross-over, long sleeved versions adds a more modern edge, this may actually go on my 'sewing makes' list. I may have to figure out a way to fully secure the top though as i wouldn't want the wind blowing it open revealing my assets!!!

A fuss free designer (he's a fan of zips and being able to get in and out of clothes with ease) who also like tailoring. This dress type ensemble, (it could be a two piece?) screams summer day dress. Ideal for a casual day shopping when drinks and a meal are involved too. I really like the formality of the shirt style top and pencil skit that happen to be off set by the pleated cross-over waist band and the relaxed sleeves. Very nice, I'd like one please, perhaps with a slightly higher neckline though for the day!! 


Charlotte Ronson.
 Inspired by water for this collection, and kitted it out in one of her own dresses from the show ( I always think it's a good sign when a designer is wearing their own label and nothing like a bit of self promotion too!) What I liked about this dress was the more subtle cut out details. Less is more, so they say!


Christian Siriano.
Ballet was the main inspiration for this collection and what ballerinas might wear off duty. I can't say I'm a fan of this head to toe polka dot suit worn together, but I would like a little jacket with a peplum on it, that would be quite nice, especially in a coral or sorbet colour. Mmm yes please!!


Lots of feminine tailoring in this collection. I quite like the short's suit for a wedding guest attire, a little different from a dress but suitably nice in pale colours. 
The pattern on the dress took me rather than the shapes. I was thinking that panel's cut out in the same shape would provide an interesting feature especially with gold piping!


observational notes:

  • There is a lot of back, white and neural colours about.
  • flashes of colour in blues, yellows and oranges are popular
  • peplum's are everywhere (take note)
  • orange and blue are the top colour combination
  • maxi's are still big business (summer staple now I think)
  • lady like looks are still in, Downton abbey and Mad Men are still inspiring designers it seems 
  • back and white prints and geometric shapes are making an appearance 

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