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fashion week: New York

More inspiration from New York fashion week............

Norma Kamali

An air of nostalgia about this collection, look at those shoulders too! Quite vintage yet quite modern.

 Ralph Lauren

I really like unusual colour combinations at the moment so this red and light blue really took my eye! Most of his collection had a Spanish feel, it was really nice too, lots of black and white and a lot of flamenco influence.

Elie Tahari

Orange my favourite colour!! Seriously though, I loved the laced embroidered jacket, modern styling with a vintage type fabric, I think this will be a thing to come! 


On a costume/red carpet note, I love dresses like this, the delicateness, the embroidery and a circle skirt. I think this skirt also has a fine wire rolled into the hem to achieve those deep ruffle shapes, lovely.

Alice + Olivia

full of colour, really playful and just plain summery. oh and a nod to the sixties!


Badgley  Mischka

Lovely, delicate and flowy. The embroidery detail sets it off a treat and makes something quite ordinary quite lovely.

 Carlos Miele

Once again the colour. Lush green off set with a hint of zebra print, now a kaftan or kimono style top would look nice in that material?


More sumptuousness, the navy and gold  make a right royal influence and that detailing on the white dress is rather duchess of Cambridge-ish anyone would think it's been inspired by the royal family. It is nice, don't you agree?

Oscar de la Renta

Always a favourite of mine. That aqua colour has been my must wear colour this season too, and I just love the cutesy floral top and shorts combo, check out the water colour sketch that paperfashion has done!

 Rachel Zoe

 I had to comment this, I love both these outfits and the collection was very well put together. The lady behind this is non other than Nicole Richie's, Misha Barton and Lindsy Lohans amongst others, stylist. If you imagine, and it doesn't have to be hard you could see anyone of the girls mentioned in these outfits.

 To be fair Rachel zoe's obviously has a defined style, 'effortlessly cool' and the runway looks she sent out are very wearable which is always nice but really the collection is very much an extension of her own 'stylist style'  which I can't decide if it's a good thing or a bad thing but I won't go into that as we will be here all day!

Observational notes:
  • lots of gold around genrally of the pale variety rather than brassy
  • still lots and lots of peplums
  • relaxed style, nothing to fussy or over done.
The disappointers: 

Rodarte- I just wasn't feeling this collection, I felt it was a little under-done for them.
Marc Jacobs- Too many stripes, Too many suits, Too many coats, and mostly in black and white. It's a summer collection, obviously someone didn't get the memo!

So..... Thats good bye New York fashion week and hello London!


  1. So many beautiful clothes, so little time! I'm not familiar with Basso but clearly a line I need to look into because it's gorgeous!

    1. It's is lovely, I think Basso has been around for quite sometime but only recently stated showing his designs at fashion week.

  2. Overal beautiful choice, especially Oscar de la Renta, which is also a favourite of mine.

    Looking forward to seeing the London ones!

    1. I love Oscar de la Renta he always does something really feminine and couture inspired, really good with colours too!


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