Mellow yellow: up-cycling adventures...

If you can do it yourself then why not! 

That's what I did. After spotting a t-shirt in Next with low cut sides that I liked and then glancing at a somewhat hefty price tag, I decided to d.i.y! Using a t-shirt I'd previously bought and dyed yellow, I started by using a French curve to draw the new neck-lines and arm areas I cut away a bit at a time and then with a bit of to-ing and throwing I cut the neckline and arm depth to where I wanted. I then secured the seams using fray stop glue. (A little bit of cheating I must admit, but hey anything to make life easier!)

I didn't quite stop there, me being 'stamp happy' as of late I decide to give it a go on my new t-shit! I played it simple and stamped just the one image onto the back.

This stamp is a real lovely, from a distance it looks like a rose, but as you can see from the close up, the flower part is indeed made up of two birds- cute !!


  1. Yellow extra.
    *** - blog o moim projektowaniu mody

  2. Very nice I love the stamp.

  3. This looks fab! The stamp is especially awesome - why have I not thought of stamping on clothes?! Brilliant!

  4. Thank you! You should give it a go, be warned it is addictive and you might find you have to stop your self from getting carried away haha!


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