Sewing books and fabric needs

My book case is about to groan at the sight of these two new additions, I really shouldn't have bought them, but due to my lovely work colleague asking me 'have you seen the book with patterns in it, in the bookshop?' I surely had to go and have a look. Sold! I'd bought the book she told me about and another one that caught my eye too!!  

The book my colleague was telling me about was Sew U Home Stretch, the built by Wendy guide to sewing knit fabric! I nearly left it there to have a think about it, then realised it was the only one left on the shelf and as it's about knit fabrics, which is something I know little about, (literally a bikini and a strapless dress that I made when I first started to sew only because I knew stretch fabrics don't't frey!) I just had to have it!

Plus I have this jersey fabric ..........

.... just itching to be made into something. So I'm sure this book will come in handy.

The layout in the book is nicely done and not over cluttered, plus there looks to be lots of hints and tips as well as plenty of inspirational projects and how to's !

Did I mention there's patterns too!!

Only three of them but plenty of adaptations, that will keep me busy for a while. 

I also bought the Sewing, Stitching and Textile bible, I was taken by some of the embroidery techniqes and fabric guide. To be honest I probably didn't need this book but something in me just said I had to buy it!!

Please tell me I'm not the only person with a sewing book obsession as big as my fabric one?


  1. Let me reassure you... you are not the only one! Although recently my posing reasoning has been stronger than my eagerness to buy all things related to sewing. I seem to have so much sewing stuff around!

    Anyway, the jersey fabric looks lovely. Allow me to share with you this modern Anthropologie pattern that I saw in an Australian blog:

    The lady in question wrote two additional posts in relation to her own dress:


    1. Thats good to know haha!! thank you for the links too!

  2. Glad to hear I'm in such good company! ; ) It's getting to the point where I.can', there's no room on the shelf! Some of my sewing books I've read the whole way through, others are only half read. I've got Sew U Home Stretch, it's a great introduction to knits I think. Haven't used the patterns though, I like drafting my own...
    I did buy Gertie's book just recently, and I have three more books on my wishlist, but that's it. No more. Promise.
    Ehh... sometimes I wonder if all the shopping-mania I got rid of by quit clothes shopping has just been re-targeted to fabrics, notions and sewing books...

    1. Indeed you are :) I'm struggling to find a place for these book I did promise myself not to buy any more and it worked for a while but now I seem to have over bought again!

      Thanks for the thumbs up with the sew u book! I've been looking at gertie's book too but I'm afraid it may have to sneak onto my Christmas list along with a few others :(
      I think sewing is just so addictive that once you get started it has a knock on effect so we end up with millions of books, fabrics and notions! Sewing magazines is also something else I keep buying but I am trying to cut down to only buying threads!!


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