Burda Peplum

I swear this British weather is against me, it's always tried my patients at the best of times, but this time of the year is just ridiculous more so when your trying to take photographs!!
 I've spent the best part of the week waiting for the weather to clear up, all I'm asking for is half hour of dry clear weather, but no such luck, if anything it's got worse, if I could pick the weather up and kick it round the other side of the world, I would!!
 All I can say is thank god for photoshop!!

Rant over, lets get back to the post.

This has to be my quickest make ever, no seriously, I wanted instant gratification with this top, and instant gratification was what I got. I made it all entirly in one day, I'm so chuffed with myself, and even better it came out really well, no mistakes, no major fitting problems, gratification achived.

Pattern & fabric info

I used a burda pattern from the 08/2012 issue. What I liked about this pattern was the circular style of peplum and how it's longer in the back than the front. This pattern came with little cap sleeves but I wanted a sleeveless version so opted not to include them. I should have really taken about a centimetre off the shoulders because of this, but I forgot :/
One other thing I liked about this pattern was the way the back bodice curves I think it helps to give a really nice shape at the back.  It also has a invisible zip that stretches down past the waist, I nearly put a shorter one in, thank god I didn't as I wouldn't be-able to get it on as it is fairly fitted at the waist.

The fabric, was one that had been in my stash for a while, which I scored for £2 a meter from my local fabric  shop, it's really soft, sort of like a peach skin feel but looks like crepe, so your guess is a good as mine to what it is!? 

The downside is that fabric is quite sheer and so the facing can be seen, there is also some gaping at the arm holes so I think it needs a shoulder adjustment.

would I make this again?

Yes, I think there is a lot you can do with this top, I think it would look fab in leather as it is, and great in a gold and black brocade. I also think that if lengthened a few inches it would make a fab party frock! 


  1. Lovely top! I bought that Burda magazine for the same reason, as I'm not a regular buyer, and I can't wait to make it up! Your version has convinced me that it's a must-have!


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