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Fashion week: Milan

Some of my favourite looks from Milan fashion week.....


I didn't like too much of their collection from a wearable point of view lots of prints depicting images from roman times and battle scenes, very nice if your into that type of art. The bold colours were nice though!
I did like the stripe numbers, the top half of this all in one caught my eye, quite holiday-esq. 


 The lace makes an interesting feature on an otherwise simple dress, could be the inspiration of an upcycling project at some point.
I like paint splatter effect on the other dress, I could see that developing into a trend.

Emporio Armani

Loved this collection, very minimalist. I black triangle shapes on the t-shirts are quite insiring certainly jazzes up an otherwise simple item of clothing. The peter pan collar blouse is very sweet too, I can just imagine making that and pairing it with jeans and round toe heels.  


Another simple collection, I thought the jacket was a great take on the pull over rain jacket , more modern and updated. The band at the bottom of the dress is a nice detail too.


Milan fashion week wasn't as good as I thought it would be, but it was sleek, neutral colours reigned supreme and simple cuts in abundance. I thought it might have had a bit more spark to be-honest.
There weren't too many disapointers as such just a few not hitting as high as i would like, one let down was prada, odd flower prints and embroidery on mainly black or bottle green backgrounds, just didn't seem like a Prada collection at all.

Images from style


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