Artist- Henderson Cisz

As it's blogtoberfest and I'm struggling to write a post today, I though I'd let you into another interest of mine. Art.
As I studied art at college for two years it's no surprise really. However whilst I can appreciate classical art, my interest lies with more modern works of art.

The artist that I currently obsess over isn't an artist that I came across at college, surprisingly it was a shopping trip to Cardiff where I popped into the blue dot fine art shop. That's when I first came across the artist Henderson Cisz.

Henderson Cisz is an artist that hails from Brazil but now resides in London  he paints a lot of city scenes which I find vibrant and captivating  The first time I seen one of his works I was truly in awe, I think it was the colours that first caught my eye not that he is an artist that uses lots of bright  vivid colours it's just the colours he does use are really pigmented and 'pop' out at you. I also found that I really enjoyed the way he painted, slightly loose but still with pleanty of detail.

This image of Times Square New York was the first painting I seen of  Henderson Cisz, up close it's truly is striking especially viewed in person and if it wasn't for me being the poor student with out a job type that I was at the time I would have had this baby wrapped up and taken home in an instant, all be with a massive dent in my bank balance!!

Henderson Cisz Images from Blue dot fine art.


  1. Wow, thank you for sharing this very talented artist. All of these are stunning, plus you mentioned Cardiff which is one of my most favorite cities to of visited.

  2. Idem, thanks for sharing! Colours and style are indeed beautiful. Looks like impressionism with a modern touch.


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