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Peacock fabric

Isn't it lovely? Quite exotic your thinking, well you would be right! I found it on eBay whist looking for a silk print.
 It's all the way from Hong Kong. Now normally I'm not one for ordering things outside of Europe or the U.K for that mater, but I couldn't resist this one at just over £6 a meter and free postage, - yep you read that correct FREE postage. I'd ordered it before you could say 'mine'!!

The down side was that in my excitement  I didn't check the width, it's actually quite narrow around 20" or something and although I ordered 2 meters in length it wasn't enough for the dress I was going to make, Never-mind I will just have to order more - I know, you can hear the disappointment in my voice  ;)

so your probably wondering what dress I plan to make with this material, right?

It's the Matthew Williamson sheath dress from 09/2012 issue of burda! 

I'm quite taken with the panelling on this dress plus it has in-seam pockets and grown on shoulders which usually suits me quite well. I can't wait to make it, plus my pattern is already cut out too!! - I am on the ball with this one, Just need the rest of the fabric to arrive........


  1. Exciting! I LOVE the beginning of a new project. Enjoy! xx

  2. Beautiful fabric, I have a thing about peacock feathers, I love them so much! That dress looks like it could be a cracker!

  3. that fabric is gorgeous! great find


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