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Stash busting: Peplums

If your anything like me you'll have fabric stacked up to your eyeballs or even higher!

Now I've decided to go on a serious stash bustin' mission, but I'm not going to list all the things I plan to do with my fabric because, for me that won't work (and it would take too long too) so I've decided to list one plan at a time and once's it's finished I'll list the next.

First up is some lovely cream fabric, kind of like crepe on the one side but feels really soft on the other. I think it will be perfect to make the peplum top featured in  Augusts burda magazine.

I'm unsure whether or not to omit the sleeves from the pattern, I do like them but I think the top would look a bit more edgy with out them.

I think I'm having a love affair with peplum tops to be honest. After I decided on the top above, I came across this image in Elle Magazine....  

A leather peplum, how my heart jumped!! 

Now to be perfectly honest I'm not the biggest fan of leather, but recently I've been thinking about making a leather jacket and after seeing this image I'm thinking this would be much more entry level into working with leather plus I have leather in my stash, I'm just not sure it's quite thin enough?!

What do you think to the leather peplum, yay or nay?


  1. I love the leather peplum, I guess because I love a peplum full-stop! I also love your approach to planning your at a time is such a good idea. Less daunting!

    1. I think it's the best way forward for me after my 12 in 2012 disaster, plus I'm forgetful too!

  2. I just dropped by because I picked a blog at random from the Blogtoberfest sign-up list. While I knit and crochet, sewing is quite beyond me, so I'm in awe of anyone considering making a leather ANYTHING. Good for you! Best of luck with all your projects.

  3. In one of those cosmic coincidences, I watched yesterday a video on how to make a leather clutch by Deepika from Pattern Review. I would be curious to sew leather. A leather peplum... hmmmm, why not? It would be certainly edgy, as you suggest! For my part I still love my old motorbike leather jacket (yes, I used to ride a motorbike in my wild days!) Hey, go for it!

    1. Ooo wow, your full of surprises ;) I would love to ride a motorbike, my boyfriend is not too kean on the idea though! (spoil sport haha)


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