mossy ruffle

I've had this dress floating round my head for a few weeks now so I finally put pen to paper and sketched it out.

 I got the inspiration from looking through the abandoned-places website. I have a complete obsession with abandoned buildings I find them captivating especially ones that have haven't been cleared just left as they were.   

I've been going to the abandoned places website for a few years. I love the beautifully taken photographs mostly taken in black and white along with the intriguing write-ups, what's most lovely about the website is that it's not just any old buildings put up, it's actually a website created by air-line pilot Henk van Rensbergen who takes photographs in his spare time of these abandoned places often re-visiting them some time later to re-explore. It makes for a lot of inspiration. 


  1. Beautiful sketch. Checked the abandoned-places website and put it in my favourites. It certainly is an interesting site. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you, it certainly one of my favourite websites but one to look at when you have time on your hands.


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