Thurlow Update

Wednesday night I had great plans to finish cutting out the Thurlow shorts, unfortunately my sewing mojo temporarily left me. I'm not going to blame myself though, I am going to blame the bus I got on after work, which conveniently cut out as I'd just handed over my money for the ticket, typical. With no bus for another hour, such is the bus services is in my area, and my house being a good hours walk away, coupled with the chilly weather and night falling fasting, I stayed put. Half hour later the engineer turns up from the depot, and get this, Bangs, on the side of the bus, can you believe it!!! Driver than goes to start the bus, and what do you know, the flipping thing bursts into life! Yes it's Starts!! So the shed on wheels (I'm not joking when I say this) can carry on it's way, there must of been something a bit more seriously wrong with it as it went the quickest way to town thus saving a bit of time. Cold, hungry and slightly disgruntled I didn't feel like doing much other than sitting in front of the t.v for the rest of the evening. 
Thankfully my mojo returned yesterday and the pattern is all cut out, lining and interfaced too.
It's ready for me to start sewing later on today. 

This is the first time I've used an independent pattern, and first impressions are good. I like the nice white paper the instructions are printed on, and the illustrated diagram's are clear too. I also like the little notes on the pattern pieces about the interfacing, 'cut sticky side up' that is always helpful, when I first started sewing I was always re-cutting interfacing as the sticky side was always facing the wrong way.  

I may have mentioned this before, when it comes to patterns, I rarely cut my size according to the general size measurements given, although I look at these first which normally state I should cut a size 12-14?? which by all accounts comes out way too big. Instead I look at the finished measurements guide to get an idea of what size to cut out and because I'm fairly petite I like my clothes close fitting so they don't swamp me so as long as there is a good inch to two inches bigger than my actual  measurement then that's the size I cut.  A bit long winded to explain, but that's how I do it.
 With this pattern I've actually cut a size 0 I probably should have gone for a size 2 to be on the safe side but weighing up the finished measurements this size looks to be about right for me with hopefully only just small adjustments to make, oh well I'll soon find out I guess!!

I thought I'd give you a sneak of the colour fabric I'm using, it's quite a dark purple, more plum really, not something I can say I wear a lot of but a colour I like non the less so it will be nice to add to my wardrobe.


  1. Sorry to hear about your bus misadventure. Yes, it can be very frustrating when you plan a few hours sewing and then something else steps on the way. Quite familiar, actually...

    But anyway, there's nothing like another day. Looking forward to seeing how your Thurlow pattern evolves.


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