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I'm a big fan of urban outfitters, so it came as a surprise to me to find they have a blog ('what, really, I mean who doesn't have a blog these days!!') I guess I just ignored it, but no more readers, no more! It's an eclectic mix, from advertising discount days, kitten cam and decorating a Christmas tree in under 3 minutes whilst blind folded, to interviews, music and style. 

How yummy does this look? It's wonderful how novelty shapes can make your food that much more exciting. This is actually an image for a hangover guide, quite appropraite given the time of year.

Hand made Screen print christmas cards. made by an employee of urban outfitters, these are adorable, proper old skool as some might say, pure black and white prints all hand designed. kool won't you agree, (doesn't the word 'cool' seem so much cooler spelt with a K, or is that just me?)

Love, love, love these. I'm no stranger to painting my nails, and having the odd go at 'nail art' but these are something else, what's more fabb, is that the designer behind these Emma Zentner will have a pop-up nail hut in westfields white city this week. I so wish I lived in london. I would certainly be treating myself to one of her designs. 

Images from urban outfitters blog 


  1. Hé, hé, Urbanoutfitters is cool but 'kool' chez nous, i.e., in the Low Countries, is cabbage... lol

    1. hahaha that's made me laugh!! now you've mentioned it I remember learning a little german in school and 'kohl' meaning cabbage, it's funny the things you forget!!

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